Christmas stair garland

Christmas stair garland

I absolutely LOVE decorating my house at Christmas. It's the one time of the year you can throw caution to the wind, and legitimately go big or go... er..... home!

My stairs are the first thing people see when I open my front door so I like to make a special effort here. And for me decorating the hallway sets the scene for the rest of the house, a sign of whats to come. With Christmas just weeks away (eeek!) I thought I'd share how I styled this festive foliage garland. I know you won't have access to everything I've used but hopefully it will inspire you to get creative, raid the Christmas boxes and maybe even get out into the garden. There are dried hydrangea heads, berries, strings of hops and branches galore outside. All of which are just itching to be turned into something fabulous!

Happy decorating! 

First thing first; thread a few ivy strands through the banisters to give you a good green base. Hops would work just as well here, as would any other vine. Though If you want this to last for more than a week I'd go for faux ivy all the way.

Then it's time to add the 'wild' feature stems. I've used willow tales here, these create the shape of the garland. I like to have mine thinner at the top building to a wild fuller look at the bottom of the stairs.  

You don't have to be too precious as you're working out the flow, I loosely place the stems first and then go back and tie them in once I'm happy with the shape (I use green garden string or black cable ties to secure them).

The odd crazy stem helps!

Go in and fill now with any foliage you've got. I've used ladies mantle, willow eucalyptus and a few ferns. Anything green that hangs or drapes well works best.

Now you can add in some Christmas baubles. They can be shiny or matt, paper or glass, your choice. What's important here is contrast, you want to add new textures and colours to the foliage.

And there you have it.

A wild foliage garland, full of festive fun.

I hope I've inspired you to try something new this year and get decorating x